Youth Value Movement

A youth distinguished by knowledge and wisdom!

A youth who is exalted by prayer, enlightened by fasting, purified by zakat, revived by martyrdom, enlightened by pilgrimage and disciplined by worship!

A youth who is not excluding, besieging; A youth who loves for Allah, speaks for Allah, stands up for Allah!

A youth who ornaments to life with kindness, grace and sincerity!

A youth who speaks the beautiful words and listens to the beautiful!

A youth who is humble, dainful, valuing, dignified!

A youth who is trusting, not deceived; A youth who does not cheat on anyone else and is known for his reliability!

A youth who chases after the ore that Allah has hidden in his essence and sings the Truth with that gem!

A youth who acts as a Muslim, does not touch the haram, and obeys the rights of the servant!

Complying with his brother’s road law; who does not talk behind his back; A youth who says what he has to say to his face!

A youth who respects his parents, does not say no, and is blessed with their blessings!

A youth who sees the dawn in the darkest hour of the night, who knows that there is an exit in the bottomless pits, and whose lamp of hope is always burning in his heart!

A youth who knows the cause of İlâ-ı Kalimatullâh the meaning of his life!

A youth who dedicates himself to make the understanding of the century recite the Qur’an!

A youth who does not hesitate to say what he knows is right, with respect to the truth!

A youth who sees freedom as the basis of their existence and stands up against all kinds of exploitation and enslavement attempts!

A youth who knocks on the door of repentance when he stumbles and falls into sin, a youth who knows Allah as the only shelter, and has the courage to face his mistake!

A youth who strives with all his might to keep justice alive; A youth that does not consent to oppression and does not bow to oppressors!

A youth who feels every pain in the world, who interprets the pain of the oppressed, who is the language of the mute innocents!

Opposite the corruption of existence, standing next to its reconstruction; A youth that respects the rights of the environment with its living and non-living!

A youth whose feet are firmly on the land where they were born, who always keep the ideal of the unity of the Ummah alive in their hearts!

A youth that transforms the spirit of our civilization centers from Cordoba to Bukhara, from Mecca to Jerusalem, from Medina to Istanbul into a dream in their hearts and into an ideal in person!