Broad-Based Advisory Board

“They respond to their Lord, establish the prayer, and their affairs are mutually agreed upon. They spend out of the sustenance We have given them.” (To:38)

Consultation is a work ethic and management principle that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) applied in his social life, in accordance with Allah’s command. He (pbuh) took every decisive decision in his struggle, in consultation with his Companions.

Conducting our affairs in consultation is the most distinctive feature of our movement. The way to do good works by making the right decisions together is to think with a common mind.

The most basic principle of our organizational model, which does not blend the efforts and experiences of our brothers all over Anatolia, who make an effort for Allah, around common values, is “consultation” carried out within the framework of law from local to general. Our movement, which is shaped from the bottom to the top, considers it a fundamental right for each of our brothers who took sides in this blessed expedition to express an opinion on the direction of the expedition.

The “Broad-Based Advisory Board” is the highest decision-making authority of our movement, formed to ensure the exercise of this right, consisting of qualified and qualified representatives of our brothers fighting on the field, with a participation where justice is observed in representation. The “Broad-Based Advisory Board”, which convenes every year, guides our movement as a qualified consultation ground where important issues are discussed in a participatory way, including the determination of the board of directors every three years, and are decided with a “common mind”.