About Us

The Human and Values ​​Movement is a movement that aims to bring people together with their values ​​that make them a human being, with a human-centered and civilization-oriented understanding.

In order to realize this ideal, our movement, which expresses the principled unity of invitation, education and aid works carried out with a monotheistic consciousness and the responsibility of worship all over Anatolia, has a history of struggle together for half a century.

In the seventies, in the geography we live in, it has moved to these days with the leadership of a handful of faithful young people who struggled in youth movements such as MTTB and AKINCILAR with the ideal of making Islamic values ​​livable. What these pioneering litigants have carried out sincerely, friendly and selflessly despite all the impossibilities; is based on the immaculate legacy of their independent struggles, nourished by their own self-worth.

This struggle, which flows from the warm climates of the houses to the tea houses, from the streets to the school corridors, from the universities to the society; It has been institutionalized since the nineties and moved to today with different organizational models preferred according to the requirements of the fiqh of the period.

As a result of all these experiences, it is aimed to be “people-centered, to offer quality education to people, to create a strong organizational structure in the local area, and to have a strong representation ability in the center”. We act with an organizational model structured from the bottom to the top. In this working model, the most basic principle of our movement is “consultation” and the highest decision-making body is the “Broad-Based Advisory Board”.

The center of our movement is in Istanbul. Our movement has an understanding that sees diversity as wealth, with its member organizations and representations all over Anatolia; it is in a spirit of solidarity based on sacrifice and competition in charity with her men and women, old and young. Our movement continues its long-term march for the fulfillment of its duty to witness humanity and for the revival of our civilization values.

Our struggle, which rises on the shoulders of believing men and women who are guardians of each other, finds its way into society with a family-centered working method. With the “Home Values ​​Education Program (EDEP)” to children; with women and family programs to families ; to adults with lesson circles, tafsir-hadith-prophetic biography and seminar-panel-conference programs;  with aid and orphan activities are carried out to all segments of the society. The main axis of our work is education, invitation and kindness.

The focus of our work is people. Our values ​​are the means that will bring people to perfection. The way that will make it possible for our values ​​to transform into justice and civilization on behalf of humanity is the Islamic movement.