Zekeriya Şengöz;

He was born in Malatya in 1952. He completed his primary and secondary education in Malatya. He graduated from Atatürk University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics in 1979. He participated in the activities of the Mefkureci Teachers Association, which he met during his secondary school years. He participated in the activities of MTTB, which he met during his high school years. He was the head of MTTB secondary education in Erzurum. After university, he was the head of Malatya MTTB branch. He started teaching in Malatya in 1979. He resigned from teaching in 1984. He worked without separating the identity of an educator and a host, and showed a great example of self-sacrifice in the training of hundreds of students. He was actively involved in human breeding studies. He communicated with all segments of the people wherever he lived. On the one hand, he made efforts for the people to gain a certain knowledge and consciousness. On the other hand, he carried out activities to meet the needs of the oppressed and poor people. He carried out regular educational activities to meet the needs of university students, to stay away from negative habits, to prepare for life, to gain a certain awareness at the national and global level in the face of social and political events. He was among the founders of the Islamic Solidarity Foundation in order to carry out his activities more efficiently with his brothers. The devoted efforts of the foundation gained great acclaim throughout the province in a short time. The foundation continued its educational, cultural and solidarity activities in a systematic way. Particularly, students who completed their university education in Malatya helped these activities to become widespread on a national scale. He took a legitimate and civil stance against injustice and unlawfulness by taking sides with the oppressed in the February 28 post-modern coup. He was tried as the leader of a terrorist organization during the post-modern coup d’etat on February 28, 1997, along with his brothers. A year later, he was acquitted by the State Security Court. He was tried again with the decision of the Supreme Court of Appeals to reverse and arrest him in absentia. A sentence of 12.5 years was given. He served his entire sentence in Malatya E-type prison and was released from prison. He objected to his file. He was acquitted of terrorism charges in 2018 with the reopening of the case and the evaluation of new evidence. Zekeriya ŞENGÖZ, whose innocence has been proven in public conscience and before the law, is still the chairman of the board of directors of the Human and Value Movement.