Women and Family

As members of the Human and Value Movement, we strive to understand and explain the message from our Lord correctly, and to construct and live our lives in line with this divine message. Based on this effort, we support and accompany each other when necessary, on the basis of humanity and the brotherhood of the Ummah. When necessary, we try to lead by being the light and showing the direction. Our walk is on a path where each individual strives to reveal his own effort and work, without discriminating between men and women, children-young-adults, in accordance with the purpose of the representation and caliphate duty that Allah Almighty deems us worthy.

As the women volunteers of the Human and Value Movement, we are aware that the duty of serving God by investing in people is a debt for every Muslim, male or female. We take the Qur’an and the Sunnah as our primary source. We benefit from the experience and consultation of our wise people, while nourishing the wisdom of our faith and culture that has accumulated over the centuries. We came together to give meaning to our existence in the world. We believe that each person in society is a jewel with its own value, waiting to be worked, and these jewels are sprinkled on the earth as blessings. We aim to provide the appropriate ground and make them feel the brotherhood they need, no matter how many people and values are waiting to be revealed, polished and radiant.

The importance of the family, which is the institution that provides the first acquaintance of individuals with the society and its values, in terms of gaining an Islamic perspective is indisputable. Our Lord has determined wives in His Word as a means of finding tranquility for one another. Our Prophet first shared his blessed duty with his family. Our Prophet acted with his family in the invitation work. Moral, faithful, virtuous societies that protect their values ​​have grown up in the example of mothers and fathers who have these values. In this sense, we want to create an environment for women to both contribute to their development and develop projects within the framework of common mind by sharing experiences through various social, cultural and academic activities. Because we know that the healing process that takes place from the individual to the society will only be an effort that cannot reach its goal if women are not active subjects.

In this direction, we, as women, recognize everyone who has the word to be said for Allah, the step to be taken, the breath to be consumed, and the time to be dedicated as our brothers on this journey. We continue to make progress in the journey of our Movement with our volunteers from all over Turkey. Under the umbrella of the Human and Value Movement, we strive to make ourselves and society fit for the purpose of creation. May our Lord bless our efforts.